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Portrait de l'illustrateur Serge Bloch Portrait of the illustrator Serge Bloch


About Serge

Serge Bloch is a French illustrator, born June 18th, 1956 in Colmar ( France).

He attended the Claude Lapointe illustration studio in Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg, and, after his graduation he started working for the children and teens literature. In particular he has been visual chief editor of Bayard jeunesse.

He also works for the editorial world for newspapers and magazines such as New York Times, Boston Globe, Le Monde, Telerama, Psychologies, Le Nouvel Observateur, Liberation, etc…

He was  awarded several international prizes and gold medals in recognition of his work.

His contribution to the communication world has been constant. In this field he has worked with prestigious Firms such as Hermes, Coca-Cola, RATP( Paris Mass Transportation), Publicis (Paris),Samsung, petit Bateau. The French Telecommunication Agency, La Poste issued in Automn 2010 stamps that Serge created.

His books are internationally translated and published. For his first Japanese book, Inochino Kazoekata (Chikura Shobo publishing), 2010 he has collaborated with Kundo Koyama, script writer of Departure , 2008 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

He is sharing his time between NYC and Paris. He has expanded his area of expertise by entering the fine art world doing shows in Paris, NYC, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin…

advertising illustration par Serge Bloch illustrator

Advertisement & communication :

Coca-cola, Hermès, London Subway, Publicis,
French ministery of ecology, Mondial Assistance (insurance)
RATP (Subway of Paris), Ice breakers (packaging of candies,
USA), Alsthom, Samsung, Petit Bateau, FIDH, Théâtre Gérard Philipe,
Comité Colbert, Goetzpartners, Imagerie d’Epinal, Minute Maid,
La Poste, etc…

Editorial :

magazines and newspapers :

Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, NY Times,
Time magazine, New York Magazine, Boston Globe, GQ, Los Angeles Times, Reader’s Digest, Nature Outlook, and in France and in the world : Libération, Psychologies, La Vie, Enjeux-les Echos, Stratégies, l’Obs, Mariane, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin,  Revue XXI, Alternatives Internationales, etc…

Illustration sur baignoire pour l'Editorial du Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin par Serge Bloch
Le livre

Books :

Author and/or illustrator:

« Sam and his Dad » Bayard jeunesse,
« Léon’s school » Albin Michel,
« I am waiting », «  The ennemi »,« My little king», ed.Sarbacane
« The big book of dummies, rebels and other genius», Gallimard
« The Big Adventure of a Little Line », ed. Sarbacane
and Thames & Hudson
« Ubu Roi »,« Max et Lili »  Calligram
« My snake Blake »,  Roaring Brook press

Awards :

2002 Mildred L. Batchelder Honor Morgenstern, Susie Hoch. (2001). A book of coupons Viking Press
2005 Gold Medal Society of Illustrators 47th Annual Exhibition
2005 Prix Baobab de l’Album 
Moi, j’attends … (Sarbacane)
2005 Prix de La Nuit du Livre – Poche 
Toto en fait des kilos (Tourbillon)
2006 Prix Presse des Jeunes, Mention Spéciale du Jury – Junior 
L’encyclopédie des cancres : Des rebelles et autres génies (Gallimard)
2007 Bologna Ragazzi award non fiction L’encyclopédie des cancres : Des rebelles et autres génies (Gallimard)
2009 Prix Bernard Versele -Belgique- L’ennemi (Sarbacane)
2009 Great Lakes Book Awards finalists The Underwear Salesman (Simon&Schuster)
2010 USBBY Outstanding International Books Honor List
2010 Prix du meilleur album Taiwan
2007 ARC AWARD Best of non-traditional annual reportUSA IBM
2015 Gold Medal Society of Illustrators 57th Annual Exhibition

Block by Serge Bloch for his exhibition at L'institut français in Berlin
Exposition de l'illustrateur Serge Bloch à Berlin, illustration, sculpture, peinture, poster, livre.

Shows :

« Serge Bloch, galleria di illustrazioni stravanti e ogetti stampalati »
at Palazzo dei Pio , Carpi, Italy
« Sometimes, I can reach the sky » at Living with art gallery New York 2008
« Mais pourquoi ? » at Galerie d’arts graphiques Paris ,Paris 2009
« It was a pleasure » at Living with art gallery New York 2009
« My life , my work by me » at Centre d’arts contemporains Istres, Paris 2009
« 9,90€ » at Galerie d’arts graphiques Paris, Paris 2009
« People on the Blocks » sculpturs and drawings at Living with art gallery New York 2010
« D’ici d’ailleurs » sculpturs and drawings at Galerie d’arts graphiques Paris 2010
« unexpected encounters » Sun contenporary galery Seoul 2013
« Chalie Vice » isetan Tokyo 2014
« Une vieille histoire » Tokyo 2015
« wie geht’s ? » Institut Français Berlin, 2015

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